Hi! My name is Estelle Love’s! I love my family and friends. Meeting new people and making new friends and connecting with people is one of my deepest passions. I love to bring people together with the power and peace of music. I love to party and know how to have a good time. As a christen, and coexister I am on a mission to make world peace.

I grew up my whole life wanting to be a singer, race car driver, philanthropist, pet owner, horse back rider, mother, peace activist, actress, model, environmentalist, naturalist, neighborhood party thrower, the president, and professional tourist! Some things I am are a professional nature and people photographer, painter, joker, kitty princess, shuffler, swimmer, tennis player, raver, dreamer, cook, dare devil, partier, poier, and writer.  I also play the piano, guitar, and tried the violon as well. I chase my passion as a professional songwriter/rapper/singer and hope one day to be able to use my gift to improve not only my lives, but the lives of other as I dream to be a philanthropist.

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